Sunday, November 18, 2007


Tilted oddly
Stiffly, as if it may hurt
You lay staring.

Your eyes open wide
Yet you are asleep
You lay staring.

You have gone
I don't see you looking back
To see how I'm faring.

I search
I touch
I grope
Your cold flesh
Is the only response
To my racing heart
As I realize you will never return.

You lay staring.

You lay staring
As if in analytical deep thought
To my naïve childish questions
Pondering my idiocy
Weighing my claims
Caring about my opinions.

You lay staring
As you listen to music
To music you would hear
And no one else could
As you matched your heart
Beating with the tempo.

Life did not love you
As you loved life
The tears you never shed
The children you never had
The lovers who ran you out
Penniless; you were never hungry.

You lay staring.
Come to me says the sky
Lay with me
Beckon the stars
Escape, little dirty
Ugly world
Welcomes Mars.

You lay staring.
As I shut your eyes
Your lashes make me shiver
I remember why I loved you
As you lay
Still staring.


  1. When will it be me laying staring????????!!!!

    one never knows, waiting for and dreading that day...

    This poem touched every part of me...

  2. to lay staring can mean so many things...
    its the dead child inside a grown up
    its the parent who ignored the child
    its the grown up who wishes to lay staring
    its the society laying and staring

    its we who have to stand up in the face of it and STAND ALIVE IN DEFIANCE