Monday, December 31, 2007

...little girl... i once was you

silly little emo girl

little girl
sing the blues
no right to choose
they took your shoes.

you have no way,
no path to take
they took your mind
and sent it away.

little girl
sing the blues
they ripped your heart
wont cut you loose.

they bound your soul
to their morbid lies
you musnt know different
you must stifle your cries.

little girl
you darling child
that fire inside
you musnt let rage wild.

you must not think
you must not know
you must not learn
you must not grow.

little girl
you make me blue
little girl
my heart bleeds for you.

little girl
i once was you.



  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... why would you feel this way? i think the ending is hopefully though... "i once was you" thats past tence, you are beyond that little girl now.

  2. no honey...
    i once was this little girl, and i cannot save her from the pain she is bound to live...

    well, had to leave one last word for '07... (i actually posted it in the last blogs comments...)

    thanks, nem - youre a darlin, and have a happy new year!

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  4. Ouch!!!!! This hurts, good for you, you got it out in such a beautiful way… u did it again. Remember, Love's all you need!!!
    I see yourself in this one but did you also mean someone else we love???????!!!!!!!! Whatever… even if you didn't, I see it.
    Your poems are so healing, for you & for all of us…

  5. yes blessed....
    i got it out... when i wrote it, i was able to get over that pain, anguish and anger...
    i love you.

  6. Most not think most not know learn or grow.. Sad but true. I was once that little girl too..

    You do what your told don't ask questions. don't give your opinions

    Sad but true.. Hopefully that little girl will one day realize that she too can...

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  8. You ARE good!! And I thought that I could write about my experiences in Williamsburg and how I'm trying to put my life together.
    I love your style - I understand the place you come from - if you'd like to peek into my life, my blog is called "From Williamsburg to Boro Park and Way beyond" Let me know if anything there rings a bell with you.
    Can't wait to read more of your posts!

  9. MG,
    Actually just posted something... I appreciate your thoughts and am on the way to check out your site...
    Glad youre on board!


  10. Hi there, my uncle Marc K. emailed me your site as I was fascinated with an article of yours he sent me. This one is my best as I relate to it..... Your talent is a blessing to many, above all me :-).

    Rivky B.