Monday, December 3, 2007

Without You

I looked up at the sky tonight
And saw something missing
It was that rare, yet always there, twinkle
Of a lone Brooklyn star....

We share the same sky, you and I
The same moon lights our path
The same dusk set on us today
And dawn will bring us the clouds.

Yet the miles keep rolling
The sea waves on shores lolling
The childrens laughter fades on
As the old men are dying.

Broken hearts still crumbling
Dreams still being dashed
Lover's lives stolen
Dying memories fade.

Without you, my heart thunders
Loudly, it protests my feelings
I yearn, I pace, I hunger
For that emptiness to fade.

Without you, the skies cry
The sun refuses to shine
Takes me back to a different time
A time I wanted to die.

Without you.

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  1. awwwww, you miss you honey. my poor baby.

  2. real life in it's best...

  3. gay ex choosid, love your name!!! makes too much sence...