Monday, January 28, 2008


as is my habit
my pen touches paper
blindly following
random thoughts


but how i lack
the understanding
of writing about sorrow
when there is more than too much

i dare to write my music
but i cant seem to
read my own lyrics
or hear the tune.

i dare not reach out
grab the safe trapeze
i just cannot see it.

i seek to hear
the childrens laughter
i strain my ears
yet the sound escapes me.

i dare to try
to write my own words
i cant hear my heartbeat.



  1. reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllyyyyyyyyyyy NICE!!!! i had to read it a few times to get it... but i got it :o)

    MIssed your writting :o)

  2. I'm back...... and is it you??? my always number one reader?!?!?!?

    much love,


  3. Beautiful my friend, I enjoyed this piece a lot, deep, sad & calming… (don't know why???!!!! But it put me into a peaceful zone) great to have u back!!! LOVE

  4. Blessed...

    Yes, just a thought of the day... perhaps some confusion... but yes, an emotional loosening perhaps...

    glad you enjoyed it. lets listen to the music and the children, i'm sure we can find it....


  5. AMEN!!!!!!!!!
    i'm sure we will
    so much love again...

  6. "NUMB"

    I am amazed with your writing each and every time again and again,

    What amazez me the most about this peace of art and feel of loosing emotainel connection is something that i fear from entirely within my heart,

    the not being able to hear your own voice, heartbeat, not even mentioning the sounds of music witch will usally include lyrics.

    When my heart is not at peace,
    my whole world feels like its about to sneaze. (hatchoo)

    all i want to say is that it is beutifull, keep up the good work and courage.


  7. JK,

    I think youre a poet
    and I think you know it.

    seems we share
    some of the same fear
    seek the same truth
    in a world of long gone youth.

    It is time to be a big girl/boy now.

    Glad you enjoyed it.


  8. JD-
    i so get this. it is right where i seem to be lately. glad to see you around these days.


  9. Numb, a feeling
    Without feeling,
    But not empty
    Of perpetual emotion.

    Beautiful poem..Hang in there & welcome back!

  10. hey dupree -

    jet lag WILL induce writers block!
    i'm here, not going anywhere - love to see you here as well!


    fabulous words....

    i am back, i never left, cuz my mind is still always here...


  11. well what can I say after that...
    Once an Artist Always an Artist

    I think / Hope you'll like that

  12. Hey J.D

    Ive missed you on the space so glad i have found you here!

    great write as always


  13. Friend of Angry Tinkerbelle says:

    Nice poem - I can't write anything happy - why is that?

  14. "Apathy is one of the characteristic responses of any living organism when it is subjected to stimuli too intense or too complicated to cope with. The cure for apathy is comprehension."

    -John Dos Passos,
    The Prospect Before Us,
    “The Preparation of a New Society,”

  15. Hi all of you!!!

    Missed you all so much!!!

    Dear Friend of Angry Tinker -

    you dont have to be unhappy to write about happiness nor vice versa. thats what makes us individuals and not cookie cutter robots... please share some of your stuff here... its the power of expression.... see you can write something dark and deep and i can find the glory and music in it... dont question of your ability to write whatever... take your path and discover it...

    i am glad you are here, and looking forward ot seeing your word...

    tinker tinker baby - welcome!!!!

    all of you hang tight!!! i am going to post a valentine's peice today!!! it was written last year, i'm sure you will all enjoY!

    i'm home, guys... i'm home...

    been places
    seen faces
    sleepless nights
    business fights
    cling to my dream
    of not leaving the scene
    the memory of my comfort in the pen
    no matter when...

    welcome home jaded dreamer...


  16. Thanks for the vote of confidence JD - off to read V-day piece...