Monday, May 26, 2008

Free Dove Leaving "The Life" Behind

I can remember a time when I was gone
I can remember a time when I was alone
The sun would still shine
The stars would still twinkle
And I swore freedom would one day be mine

I can remember a time when I shed all those tears
I can remember a time when death I did not fear
My hand always cold
My dreams always sad
And I swore I would never get old

I can remember a time in my city lights
My urban teardrops, of tarnished blood
In my big city, where I would lay my head
In the burning inferno, trapped in my heart

Fallen angels
Devil's doomed fear
Chest clenching terror
Melancholy despair
The fires burned out
Ashes remain
The sound of music's gone
Missed the last refrain

Gone with the wind
Gone with the rain
Return with love
Return free dove
Thunderous drum rolls
Lightning sparkles
Roaring through the darkness
Comes the sounds
Of crashing and burning evils
In the choir
Of the child's melody
The violin strings
Rose petaled rivers

Wings emerge
Spread, spread, spread and lift
Lift, emerge and fly
Don't look back, don't question why
Emerge new, pearly dew drops rain
Cleansed, free and new
Gone, be gone pain...

Sunlit valley
Of what once was death
Clarity on the battlefield
Now won, and unchained
Lily sprigs in the breeze
Capture the breathe
Of a non-shackled soul
That swore it would never get old.

Gone with the wind
Gone with the rain
Return with love
Return free dove


  1. i totally love the start of this poem!!!! thanks for writting it... i have missed your talents!

  2. Thank you!
    This is very moving and inspiring.

  3. I'm always amazed at how you capture all the emotions and feelings and putting into words.. very beautiful and moving..

  4. You know I can write, but, as far as poems go, I can't touch you.

  5. As Begreatfull said, you got the gift of putting feeling into words...

    all you beutyfull people, you gotta see this, so mooving