Saturday, January 3, 2009

... and I'm different??????


you look at me with derision
mock my life decision
judging me, you know better
i am lost, you are clever
i am different,
i am wrong,
i whistle a different tune
i sing another song
i dance to another beat
i dont cross your street.

i am different.

i shame you with my style
you see me, you walk a mile
you talk behind my back
my actions you attack.
i hurt you, i brought you shame
i am the one to blame
because i am not the same.

i am different.

you said jump, i didnt ask how high
you spoke, i asked why
you preached, i taught myself
you hid, i found the book on a dusty shelf.
you pretended, i came outright
you hid behind your garb, i carried my pride
while you laughed, i cried.

i am different.

you pretended,
i saw the truth
it all ended.

i choose to be different.

i pave my way
i carve my destiny
i choose my surroundings
you are my history.

you laugh because i'm different.
i laugh because you are all the same.



  1. welcome back Angel
    my favorite blogger/writer

  2. brill i really liked that. u are very talented.