Sunday, January 4, 2009


Why do people cry,
you ask me?
Why is there sorrow,
all around me?
Why cant I understand?

Oh, tell me why
Is there such pain
Why is it
Always there again?
Emotional bleeding,
leaving brutal scars
Painful memories
The trauma won't mar

Tell me dear,
Is there a better tomorrow?
With a promise, of no more sorrow?
A life with joy, dazzling sunrises
Of candied apples and pumpkin prizes.
Golden children, hand in hand
Racing home happily, playdates and dinner planned.
A smiling mom, a glowing dad
Is it possible
Never again to be sad.

Why do children cry
Why do doors bang shut
Why do parent's leave
Why must we always grieve


  1. welcome back Angel
    my favorite blogger/writer

  2. such a reflection on my thoughts and feelings...

    defining my own thoughts, the door slamming, the yelling, how do my children survive with me???


  3. Finally I'm posting a comment…
    Actually very depressing my darling, I know everywhere we look there is so much pain…
    Don't know about tomorrow?! But one place is still filled with joy… my dreams, may they all come true.