Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Battle

was expected.

was unanticipated.

was supposed to cease.

was the guaranteed end.

Where is she now?

Ahhh, a safe warm world.
Yet, her insides rattle
shiver with cold.

The truth cannot escape
The filth of youth
The rampage of horror
she flaunted.

Haunted and broken

Rotten and decrepit

Leftover filth

Crumbs of debris.

The facade of Gap,
Benetton and Saks,
Brooks Brothers and Dolce Gabbana
Art of Andy Warhol and Peter Maxx.

Memories of blood
Memories of love
Glorious days of oblivion
Glorious escape of veracity

who is she.

she is then.

she is now.

she is tomorrow.

she is never.


  1. "we will not regret the past nor shut the door on it"
    when i was going through my guilty feelings of my past and the feelings of old hurt that i had caused myself ans others this was somthing that had helped me overcome my guilt. i have learned to take my past and turn into a possitive experience nad take a leason form it and improve my presnt which i am lucky to have as gift from my higher power! i am here today healthy! i am grateful for that and will learn to have inner happiness inspite of my painful past!
    u r loved and a beautiful creation of gods art work! dont ever forget that!!
    what ever trouble i have in my reality of life i also know that this is the journey god had mapped out for me and i am grateful for the possitive things i do have and try not to focus on my hurtful shameful past!!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Youre words are true and well written.

    the conflict is always there... i think thats what makes people grow... if there is no uncertainty to one's life, how dull...


  3. Very powerful poem, Dreamer. Written by a very strong and powerful woman. Have compassion for the problems and mistakes of youth, for youth did the best she knew how

  4. Dear Jaded, another beautiful and deep aspect of your mind put into words...
    Awesome dariln

  5. who is she?

    she is then
    she is now
    she is forever

    a friend

  6. Love the way you express yourself. Saw a lot of myself in that poem. You are incredibly strong. Hang on to will get you through everything in life.

  7. This piece has a haunting, impressionistic quality. I don't think I've ever read anything quite like it. (That's a compliment).

  8. Also, you stopped by my site a while ago. I am posting again. So, you are invited to stop by. I plan to follow you, also.