Monday, April 5, 2010

Foxhole Prayers, part 1


From atop of the world

From atop of the pile of rubble

The glorious cackle of triumph

of invincibility

Risen have I,

Like the eagle,

Freed was I,

Like the dove...

Yes, yes, yes...

I have mastered life!

I am a glorious master

The chess game is my petty dalliance

The queen is my slave

The knight is my pawn...

For I am the king.

You are not the king.

You are nothing but a little thing

Your heart to be toyed with

Pawned to the highest bidder

of crap.

You really believed it this time, haven't you

You fell for it - you really did.


woe is you, you mighty fool...

A heart is just a heart!

Haven't you learned?

Have I

the eagle

the dove

the queen

Not taught you nothing at all?

Silly man

Silly man!

Man, man

You are a puppet, I have forewarned.

Your heart is to be broken

Have you not yet learnt?

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Do not attempt to put Humpty Dumpty

together again -

Because Silly Human,

he is going to fall!

He is going to fall

And break


and again.

And then again.


  1. but he gets up again and again..

    Glad to see you writing again! Nice work!

  2. Lori,

    Pain becomes me - hence, foxhole prayer...


  3. Oh man oh man!!!
    this IS what you do best...