Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Foxhole Prayers, part 2

The sound of the key turning in the front door

Listening, are you sure?

False alarm, it was something else...

Your mind working overtime

With your racing heartbeat as the soundtrack...

The anticipation

Fear, perhaps

Dreading the notion

The face-off.

For once that key turns,

all is exposed.

The lies

The truths

The festering feelings

The ocean divide has provided the passport

and the password

for freedom.

To dare utter

the painful sounds

of the true emotions,

That have been lying dormant

Under the doormat.


  1. full of emotion this one.
    liking that you're writing again. not liking the circumstances

  2. Oh F & L soul...
    "For once that key turns,
    all is exposed."
    what more can be said?!
    how painful, so emotional...