Sunday, May 9, 2010

Seconds of Life.

chills sliver
up and down
my naked legs
and bare arms

so much to say
thoughts run amok
twisted dreams
reality undone

voices of reason
echoes, echoes, echoes
not making sense
mathematics 101 failed

days of mother
days of saint patrick
days of new year
days of martin luther king

days of mourning
days of superstition
days of lying
days of dying

moments of sinning
moments of winning
moments of indulgence
moments of defiance

hours of waiting
hours of labor
hours of questions
hours of delay

minutes of silence
minutes of fear
minutes of dry-mouth
minutes of victory

so much, so much
too much
i shiver again
as i try to make sense

of the minutes,
moments and hours
the days
that make up my life.

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