Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Dream in Color [Part I: Shades of Thunder]

I dream in color.

I dream in man.

I dream in ocean.

I dream in hell.

My years fade away
Still haunted by my past
I see the generation behind me
Barely surviving, will they last

The past haunts me.

Stay away, head in the sand
Yet abandon them I can't
Escaping from what was my reality
They are there now, lost; fending evil - no helping hand.

The future scares me.

Rabble rousing, finger pointing
Accusations left and right flying,
Attackers ignorant and cruel
It's themselves to whom they are lying.

The children need me.

The children need me.

My dreams they haunt me.

The color of thunder.


  1. This is beautiful, especially the last stanza. The lines, "The children need me" is haunting. I guess that's the reason we don't give up. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's gone through many changes and it's good to see a familiar blog face. Peace.

  2. Thank you, it's nice to come back and see a familiar pen as well. I feel rusty, I've cut off a lot of creative flow in the past year, so this piece was this mini explosion that had to come out, even stilted and awkward. Tomorrow's color won't be much brighter but a different tone. Cynical and sly, let me know if you have a chance to read it and offer up thoughts. Namaste.

  3. Hell of a comeback, kid. And don't worry about the "brightness" of the color...the best art comes from pain (at least that's my take). The color of thunder...beautiful line...could be a song title.