Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Dream in Color [Part II: Shades of Fear]

A jolt woke me in the middle of the night,
And there stared my Rabbi, with an offering
The offering was a reward, an enticing one
He said, grab it, grab it - it's the best deal you'll ever get

Ah, I knew the Rabbi was right!
How can he not be, a Holy Man - is he not?
The previous morning I daydreamed,
Of redemption, a free ride to heaven

So heaven was offered, in this great reward
Sack-fulls of promises, of a beautiful kingdom come
Perhaps, oh maybe, fiery eons of atonement in hell first,
Alas then - glory, oh glorious rewards!

I woke up sheets drenched in sweat.

I smoked a cigarette and put on my sneakers.

And ran like hell.

1 comment:

  1. lol!!!! is he not? that is a wonderful question are they all not? holy men .. ha ha ha .. i have but one question for you why is it that all religious people claim to be spiritual but spiritual people don't claim to be religious?