Sunday, July 15, 2012

squinted eyes

woke up
stumbled to toilet
brushed my teeth
what day is it?

its 2:05 sunday afternoon
how did i get here

squinting eyes head to the kitchen
coffee cold, time was set for 8 am
squinting eyes continue to living room
cold leftover slice of pizza
was that mine?
cobwebs, shake em shake em
shake em
how many bottles of vodka
was i on a tear?

adjusting to the light
eyes open wide
it's sunday at 2:05 pm
weekend winding down
fuck it
the day is mine

Saturday left behind.


  1. i can relate to this very well... as a mater of fact its Sunday at 4:05 pm... i'm pretty sure i have been drinking again! lol very nice.

  2. So glad that on my Sunday I can reflect back on the wonderful shabbos I have spent with my family, neighbors, and friends. My childhood sucked royally. My life today, by choice, is so much more glorious :) Indeed, the way of the bottle never worked and still doesn't.